You’ll love our difference!  

We’re the creative’s digital printer, with unique capabilities to produce superb quality that delights discerning clients. Our big difference is putting ourselves in your shoes and providing hyper-responsive service that makes it a breeze and a joy to work with us!  Service is today’s secret sauce!  If you need prompt email replies, right-now quotes, and ways to print better/faster/cheaper just as much as high-impact quality, Fresh Color’s right for you!

It’s about relationships

We’ll make sure you look your best—and you’ll look forward to working with us!  Choosing FCP is like having a friend in the printing business, and we’ll go to any lengths to find the win-win solution, note your specific requirements, and make sure that it’s all about you. So, sit back, relax, and let us pamper you.


We make print special

We’ve always been a creative’s digital printer, with deep experience working with discerning clients to do very well what many can’t do at all. We offer broad-range in-house creative options such Kodak NexPress 5thcolors, embellishments such as raised spot UV and soft-touch lamination, perfect binding, round cornering, flood UV coating, fugitive gluing, Zund cutting of uniquely-shaped pieces, hand bindery, grommetting, and envelope printing. NexPress prints superb photos and excellent PMS color matches, we stock first-rate papers such as McCoy, Cougar, Tango, and Neenah/Mohawk textured and color papers in a variety of weights up to 160# cover, and we’re here for hard-cover books and foil-stamped/embossed projects (working with nearby Midwest Editions and McIntosh Embossing). Want to print a side-sewn booklet? Check. A UV-coated pop-up mailer? No problem. 3-layer business cards with spot UV? It’ll be done tomorrow. A vellum flysheet ? We stock 28# UV Ultra II!  We figure out practical ways to produce challenging projects, and you’ll love that FCP is an excuse-free zone!  

You’ll swear we have a drive-thru

If your project feels late before you’ve sent it, you’ll be pleased to know that we embrace right-now and nobody’s faster than us.  Our combo of current technology, flat structure, and can-do attitudes make us the best possible fast-turn printer.  There’s never a rush charge, nor must you settle for less-than-the-best quality because it’s a rush project! 


We have the best tools

We enjoy discussing our technology, but you really don’t care how the sausage is made, right?  It just needs to taste great and be served ASAP!  Got it.  Just know that we have the most complete, current, and productive digital printing set-up imaginable.  You benefit because your projects stay in-house, turn out perfectly, deliver today, and cost less.

Booklets 'R' Us

We’re perfectly equipped for fast-turn production of all types of booklets, one of our defining products. 3 Kodak NexPresses quickly print collated sets that are immediately ready to bind, and we do in-house saddle-stitch, perfect, wire-o, plastic spiral, and grommet binding. We’ll UV coat or laminate your cover, and your booklets always will have grain-right paper, whether portrait- or landscape formet. FCP’s simply the perfect booklet factory!

Bindings 3.jpg

Green as a tree farm

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of FCP, and responsible printing needn’t harm the environment.  We’ve been to committed to progressive stewardship from the very start, and that won’t change. 

Mail Masters

Mailings are more useful than ever when people can’t get together. We offer many creative options for tangible B2B mailings that really hit home. We print & mail postcards and self-mailers that are addressed (and personalized) as we print, and you can incorporate raised spot UV coating, soft-touch laminate, flood UV coating, fugitive gluing, tip-ons, and ClearBags to make yours stand out. Same with envelope match-mailings. We digitally print & address any size from A2 to 10 X 13 and stock Cougar and Classic Crest envelopes. You can go a step further by using nearly any Neenah Paper color in A7, A8, A9, and A10 sizes, have us print a fancy label applied to the envelope, or use pre-cancelled stamps (rather than an indicia). If you want to mail a Stay-Flat or box, no problem, we can print fancy addressed labels large as 13.25” X 38. We handle the list processing, USPS paperwork, postage payment, & mailing, making it a snap to do a high-impact mailing!


Simplified Printing

If you know printers who make things harder than they need to be, you’ll love working with us!  Your project manager is your sole point of contact, and will do whatever it takes to make your project turn out perfectly. We won’t burden you with unnecessary info because it’s our job to take work off your plate!  We’re here making plays so you don’t need to know (or care!) much about printing to successfully work with us—the perfect WFH 2020 printer!

Dimensional Mailings

Dimensional mailings are a great way to connect with clients and prospects at this time when sales reps can’t visit!  We produce all shapes and sizes using a range of materials, so you’ll have just the right box for a new product sample, promo items, an updated brochure, etc. Have us print a personalized letter that goes on top, and we can gussy it up using color packing material, soft-touch laminated labels, etc. to ensure that your mailer is a true day-brightener!


NexPress is world-best digital printing

3 Kodak NexPresses are central to what makes us an exceptional digital printer. NexPress has more of what today’s clients need, especially for high-impact collateral and direct mail:  

  • NexPress 5th-color Light Black prints world-best photos that surpass offset quality, with crisp highlights, shadow detail, saturated color, and striking print contrast.

  • Light Black ensures that neutrals don’t print too warm or cool.

  • Pantone-certified front-end software for excellent PMS color matches.

  • Larger-than-offset color gamut.

  • Superb color consistency—sheet-to-sheet, job-to-job, so reprints always match the initial printing. 

  • Long-Sheet feeders for over-size pieces that competing digital presses can’t, such as wide accordion-folds, double-gatefold 8-pagers, and multi-panel pocket folders.

  • NexPress has the look and feel of offset printing, closely matching litho-printed companion pieces.

  • Handles any paper from 45# text to 160# cover or 20 pt. C2S, and no need for specially-coated papers.

  • 5th-color Dimensional Clear Texturing is done inline and is especially impactful on uncoated papers.    

  • 5th-color Gold Metallic really pops printed on McCoy Silk that is gloss or satin UV coated.

  • Kodak Red & Kodak Blue for bright, clean reds/oranges and blues that match more PMS colors. 

  • Spot ClearCoat varnish effects  

  • Stunning black-and-gray duotones printed with Process Black & Light Black (neutral gray) 

  • So sustainably-engineered that a NexPress can run in an office environment.  

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