Digital Printing is Green Printing!

Environmental concerns are important today, when some question whether certain projects should even be printed. We’ve always operated sustainably and have a number of good things going for us. 


  • Digital printing benefits start with making it practical and affordable to order the quantity that you know you’ll need, eliminating waste when obsolete materials are discarded.

  • We use only FSC® certified papers (FSC® C103525) made in North America and Europe because these mills meet significantly higher environmental standards than their Asian counterparts.

  • Digital printing requires virtually no make-ready paper.

  • NexPress printing is certified by INGEDE (the International Association of the Deinking Industry) because it is easily de-inked in the paper recycling process. This is not the case regarding some other leading digital color presses.

  • No VOC-emitting fountain solution chemicals.

  • No petroleum-based inks (some digital presses do use petroleum-based ink).

  • No press-cleaning chemicals.

  • No film/platemaking chemicals.

  • No metal/synthetic plates.

  • No synthetic proofing materials.

  • NexPress uses substantially less electricity than competing digital color presses. 

  • Fresh Color has been FSC® certified since 2010.


Of course there’s a lot green-wash marketing these days, and it’s not easy to evaluate suppliers’ claims. Please know that you can count on Fresh Color to operate safely and sustainably as possible, because we’ve always believed it’s the only way to do business.