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With 3 Kodak Long-Sheet NexPresses, an amazing bindery set-up, and a committed, experienced team, we can print just about anything!  If you can create it, we can print it—check out our Gallery page!


We’re perfectly equipped for fast-turn production of all types of booklets, a defining FCP product. 3 Kodak NexPresses quickly print collated sets that are ready for immediate binding, and we do in-house saddle-stitch, perfect, wire-o, plastic spiral, and grommet binding. We’ll UV coat or laminate your cover, and your booklets always will have grain-right paper. FCP’s the perfect booklet factory!


Dimensional Mailings

Dimensional mailings are a great way to connect  when sales reps can’t visit!  We produce all shapes and sizes using a range of materials, so you can have a just-right box for your new product intro, promo items, or updated brochure. We’ll print a personalized letter that sits on top, and we can gussy it up with color packing material and a soft-touch laminated wrap to ensure that your mailer is a day-brightener!


Booklets ‘R Us: 

Brochures, catalogs, reports, white papers, proposals, and pitchbooks. Your choice of perfect-bound, saddle-stitched, spine- or side-sewn, wire-o, plastic-spiral, grommet, Chicago screw, or hard-cover bound. NexPress printing is perfect for high-impact short-run booklets in portrait/landscape-formats up to 13.25” high & 19.5” wide.


Sell/product/data sheets, 4-pagers, trifolds, & double-gatefold 8-pagers up to 39.5” wide.

Direct mail: 

Postcards & self-mailers addressed (and personalized) as we print. We’ll handle the list processing, USPS paperwork, postage payment, & mailing. Matte/satin/gloss UV coating. Fugitive-gluing & ClearBag self-mailer options.

Non-Profit/Education mailings: 

Appeal mailings with personalized letters for multi-piece matched mailings with remit envelopes. Gala/event invitation mailings, and newsletters.     

Envelope printing: 

3 digital color envelope printers for cost-effective, fast-turn color envelopes with crisp laser addressing. We stock all “A” sizes, #9s, #10s, replys, remits, 9 X 12s, & 10 X 13s, including Cougar & Classic Crest.


Table tents, counter cards, shelf talkers, rail strips, pads, coupons, posters, door-hangers, and menus. We stock plenty of easels and rail strip clips.

Business cards: 

Heavy papers up to 20 pt. Tango or 160# Cougar/Superfine cover. Luxe options such as in-house soft-touch lamination, Duplo raised spot gloss UV coating, Kodak NexPress Dimensional Clear texturing, diecutting, and 3-layer “sandwich” with color paper core. We expertly typeset new versions, and fulfill/ship to multiple locations.  

Greeting Cards: 

Announcement/Invitation/Holiday cards, printed & mailed in your choice of high-quality envelope. 

Pocket Folders: 

Kodak NexPress is perfect for short-run pocket folders (with 1 or 2 vertical or horizontal pockets).                  

We have standing dies to save time and money. 14 pt. Tango, 130# McCoy Silk, and 130# Cougar Cover all are great options. Embellish with flood UV, soft-touch laminate, and/or Duplo raised spot UV effects.


We flawlessly manage complex kitting projects that ship to many locations, each with exactly the right contents and packed to look good and arrive in perfect condition. We ship to the farthest-away locations first to save money, and you’ll receive FedEx tracking emails. We can print the box or apply NexPress-printed pressure-sensitive labels/wraps to ULINE boxes or Stay-Flats.

Labels & stickers: 

Trimmed or Zund-kisscut, personalized and/or addressed, UV coated or laminated for mailing protection. Irregular shapes are a snap using our Zund G3 that saves time & money because no die is required.

Add Duplo raised spot gloss UV coating for visual & tactile effects. 

Hard-cover/Sewn books: 

We have a great relationship with our friends at nearby Midwest Editions, one of the country’s premier bookbinders. You can have splendid Smythe-sewn books with cloth/vinyl/leather-wrapped covers that are foil-stamped and/or embossed, with luxe end sheet paper and headbands. They also spine- and side-sew. MWE binds all sorts of highly creative books, which is why they do so many for museums and galleries! Incredible high-end product/presentation/display boxes, too! Learn more at  

Boxes/Dimensional Mailers: 

Dimensional mailers are a great idea when your sales reps can’t visit customers! Sending new product samples, promotional items, or brochures in a high-impact box or envelope lets customers know they matter and that you’re thinking of them. We have deep dimensional mailer experience, can create just-right box and insert templates for your designers, and utilize our NexPresses and Zund G3 cutter to produce beautiful custom packages.

Event/Tradeshow materials: 

Invitation/Announcement/Save-the-date mailings, tickets, personalized name badges, & programs.


Saddle-stitched, wire-o bound, or placed into calendar jewel cases, can be personalized and/or include dealer/distributor versioning.

Color Correction & Retouching: 

This is a core offering because color-correction, contrast-adjustment, and retouching can make a big difference.  Our Kodak NexPresses with 90% GCR software & 5th-color Light Black print world-best photos, and we’re skilled at prepping images to print their best.

Black-and-Gray Duotones: 

Kodak NexPress prints striking, high-contrast black & gray duotones using Process Black & 5th-color Light Black (a neutral gray). We’ll convert your B&W or 4CP photos to print as duotones. There’s no comparable duotone, so go to our Sample Request page and order samples to see for yourself!  

Packaging mockups

Booklet Tabs: 

Using our Scott tab cutter or Zund G3, making them fast and affordable.

Personalized/Numbered items: 

Tickets, gift certificates, & awards/certificates. 

Raised spot UV: 

Duplo DDC-810 makes it simple and cost-effective to print raised spot gloss UV that adds pop to make covers, invitations, brochures, and business cards stand out. Doing it in-house means that we have total quality control and can provide the fastest possible turn times. 


Sometimes the project simply needs a grommet, so we do it in-house!

Soft-touch lamination:

Production-speed D&K laminator makes it fast and cost-effective to enhance booklet covers, business cards, invitations, and brochures by adding soft-touch laminate. Take it a step farther with raised spot UV on top of the soft-touch!  

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